Delivering the Right Technology to Our Schools

Our schools are tasked with the most important job… the preparation of their students to succeed in primary, middle, high school, college and beyond. This task is made ever more daunting with issues such as tighter budgets, reduced state-aid and reduced staffing levels. In addition, the need for our schools to remain relevant with technology-based education methods and new curriculum, stress the system even more. It would be an understatement to say that, today, schools are forced to do more with less.

We also know what an important role technology plays in the success of our schools. Book-based curriculum is only part of the equation. Reliable access, by a variety of devices, to educational applications and resources is equally as important as the school’s mission. The increase in reliance on technology in education has been revolutionary over the past few years.

At CPI, we understand the challenges that face our education system. We have assisted many schools with the adoption of new technologies. Additionally, CPI’s technical experts have continuously served in an advisory role, assisting administrators with navigating the technology complexities that contribute towards the success of their school. At CPI, we believe in working for the betterment of our clients. Let CPI put its skills, experience and expertise to work for you.

Education + Technology + Innovation = Learning?


Customer Success

“We needed a new technology-based learning environment that would transform the way our students learned and our teachers taught.”
– David Halloran, District Superintendent



Schalmont Central School District
CPI provided a reliable Meraki network connection to over 300 Schalmont Central School District (SCSD) faculty members with one person in charge of IT.


Fonda Fultonville CSD
“With CPI, we have been able to cut help desk calls by at least 50%, allowing me to focus on more important issues like planning, budgeting and professional development.”
-Bill Cooper, Network & Systems Administrator, FFCSD



CPI Awards 2016 Clean Tech ECHS Scholarships