Project Management

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Computer Professionals wants to be an integral part of your IT team.

In a typical project situation, our client entrusts us with developing and implementing a complete solution to an information technology challenge. This means bringing an organized, thoughtful thorough and cost efficient approach to meeting the challenge.


To ensure that our process in consistent, we have developed a standard project management approach:

Assign a technology project manager to your account.

This is a high level engineer capable of recommending and designing complex solutions. This person is typically engaged during an initial meeting and becomes part of the “project team” at an early point.

Assess and recommend.

Our staff assesses your current environment and recommends the appropriate solution. This often occurs as part of a design engagement.

Project definition.

In this phase we document the project approach and specific tasks associated with the project. This represents our methods plan and takes the form of an agreement for network services. At this stage we also prepare a “Criteria for Success” document. This sets the expectations for both parties, and ensures that we are in agreement.

Project Implementation.

In this stage we implement the agreed upon technologies. Our project manager is in constant contact with the primary customer contact and staff. Our objective is to make sure that there are no surprises, and that all challenges are dealt with expeditiously.

Project documentation.

Each new technology implementation results in a modified network and infrastructure. It is critical that on-site network documentation be updated and kept current. This is a standard component of any Computer Professionals network engagement.

Project Sign-off.

In this phase we review all of the project criteria for completion and review the results. Updated documentation is transferred at this point, and a “Document of Substantial Operability” is signed off indicating completion of the project. This also represents formal completion of the project and hand-off to our post installation customer support team.